Furniture Lust

Lancer Sofa
Cisco Brothers Lancer Sofa
Agosto Sectional
Cisco Brothers Agosto Sectional

I love the clean lines and the solid bottom cushions. Although I certainly can't afford either, if you are lucky enough to be able to find retailers here. If anyone knows of similar cheaper styles - spill!



Loving: Enormous Champion

"enormouschampion is based in Brooklyn, New York, drawing inspiration from childhood memories, nature, 3 particularly lovely cats, ephemera, the places we go and the people we meet. We hope you like our line of assorted greetings, notecards and various other objects.
Each item we craft is thoughtfully considered in terms of the marketplace and the environment. We use recycled paper, sustainably harvested wood, and minimally treated fabrics in our products."
we love.
Everything's Alright Forever
 foil stamped print with gold on navy blue by enormous champion
I know I could always use more optimism in my life. Add some positivity to your life here

A Cetacean Study
A Cetacean Study by enormous champion

how adorable for a little boys room? available here

Letter press printed card by enormous champion

It would probably be easier if I just said I love everything from this site but I'm having too much fun available here

enormous champion also does customs - love!


Convertible Daydreaming...

Summer is coming... I hope. Cue the convertible lust. It doesn't matter that they are entirely impractical in New England's climate, it would still make the the happiest girl in the world for three glorious months.  Who wants to buy/lease me a...

Mini Coop Convertible
VW Eos
VW Eos

Any year will do, I'm not picky. What do we think? What's your summer dream car?