Mother's Day Gift Guide's

Can someone make this for Minnie?!
Yet another rainy day... wompwompwomp. Everyone needs to head over to Lil Hoot to check out my gift guide's! Check them out on Lil Hoot's blog (we LOVE lil hoot). You are bound to find something in one of the posts from this creative mama!


In the works...

Currently working on my Mother's Day Gift Guide for Sarah at Lil' Hoot Parties. I won't lie I'm pretty very excited. Without giving too much away I'll share one of my favorite finds for the newbie mom's:

Wishbone and Locket Necklace
New mom's could use a little bit of luck- scratch that we ALL could use all the luck we can get! Buy your own here. I'm not a new mom.... but I am the mother of a feisty, 6 year old chihuahua Minnie. She is ALMOST as good a dancer as her mother.

She got it from her mama ;) circa 2007
Stay tuned for the gift guide.


need.want.love. RAINY DAY EDITION!

It was foul out there today. I was legitimately worried my glasses were going to blow away.

1. Daydreaming of this Metrofarm Bed

2.  The only pair of rain boots I have are from high school (hot pink, look like cats, would fit in better at an elementary school) so needless to say I do in fact need these Hunter Rain Boots

3. Minx Nail Polish Films now available at Sephora (obsessed)

4. So you obviously can't buy these painted stair treads but such a fun idea. The color options are endless. Or you could mix it up and paint the risers. This would make me VERY happy.

5. Hanger Tea phenomenal package design!

6. Love the shadows these West Elm Porcelain Tealight Holders create.

7. CUSTOMIZABLE Luxeed Keyboard with color changing LEDs under every key. This would SIGNIFCANTLY improve the quality of my life at the office. While the facilities manager seemed amused it's safe to say it's not happening.


Hairi & Hairi Architecture Pool House

Living in New England is like being in a bad relationship. You have four perfect months, two decent months, followed by six miserable ones. You always debate leaving, but you tell yourself the good outweighs the bad and you wait for the next incredible four months to roll around. But I mean it this time I'm really almost done you make it hard to justify staying when you treat me this way.

Summer daydreaming today - I NEED sunshine I wouldn't object to this pool house by Hariri & Hariri Architecture either ;)