Magazine Collage Art

So my resolution to blog more isn't going phenomenally... along with a couple others... but one resolution was to get back into art again & I am all over that. I have been wanting to collage an image out of magazine clippings for awhile. I was first inspired by my college best Emma's collages. She makes hers out of her old surf magazines and they are amazing. I still have yet to see any others quite like hers:

this one is in my fav "niece" Ella's nursery - love. love. love.

summer visit to east hampton to see my two bests
Since I have more architectural/interior design magazines than I have room for in my southie shack I am totally copying & making one of my own. I started looking up other artists and was blown away. Click on the links underneath to check out more.

Derek Gores

Shut up and kiss me again - Schimmel Gold

I have gotten way ahead of my self and already have a list of pieces I want to make. I need to simmer down & see how this one goes first. Although there's no way I can possibly live up to the artists I just posted I'll show you my first attempt when I'm done.

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