gimme' that couch (please)

I love high contrasted living rooms with pops of color so I want either a lighter couch or a darker couch - knowing me it should most likely be dark. All the couches I love are ridiculously expensive. I've been searching for a couch I like that I have a shot at actually being able to afford and this is what I came up with... thoughts/suggestions?!

1. Wyatt Sectional - Charcoal Gray $1000- (World Market)
2. Kivik - Tullinge gray-brown $499- (Ikea)
3. Movie Steel Sofa - Dark Steel $1000- (CB2)
4. Kivik Loveseat and chaise lounge - Tullinge gray-brown $828- Blekinge white $678- (Ikea)
5. Pastello Sofa $449 (Local craigslist)
    Sketchy I know... but without those pillows in a different setting it might be able to have potential?
   Or be overwhelmingly hideous.
6. angelo:home Sutton Antique Silver grey $500- (Overstock) Ignore the offensively ugly striped pillows


  1. I am looking to get the ikea kivik myself. I agree with you on color choice, I want the same gray-brown tullinge.

    Which did you end up getting?

  2. Good choice! Love that sofa! I wound up getting West Elm's Blake sofa in the Otter velvet!