Green with Envy

Not unlike every other blogger out there, March & Saint Patrick's Day have me thinking green... the following left me green with envy. I approve. Maybe I even found something you haven't already seen!

Green is such a versatile color, while I am usually more partial to the lime, chartreuse green variety I love these deeper, darker tones. 

I just love this dining room, the deep gun metal walls and bold drapery have completely transformed the traditional architecture of the room to an edgy, unexpected space. The room was featured in the article "Bright Just Right" published in the September 2011 issue of Veranda magazine, agreed.

Interior Design by Kay Douglass of South of Market
SOM - South of Market has room ideas I love, and products I love even more. (even though I can afford nothing)
be inspired here.
Haldane Martin's White Nest in Cape Town, South Africa be inspired here.

Paint something as dramatic as a staircase or a door for a fun, bold punch.

Kelly Wearstler Green Subway Tile Bathroom

Must find somewhere to incorporate this color.

Overwhelming amount of images? Maybe- but I was inspired & you know the best motto on Saint Patrick's Day- go big or go home.  

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