House Lust: photographer Amy Neusinger

Today is so incredible out, it has me craving light, airy, open spaces.

I saw a picture of this home on Pinterest awhile back and immediately had to look it up and see more. It is the extremely talented photographer Amy Neusinger's house. (Check out her photography too- it is incredible how every single photo evokes such a mood or convey's an emotion.)

I went through a period where I was really inspired and into Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic when I was in college in Savannah, Georgia. Not only because they sold bed linen's at Target, but because it felt so feminine, comfortable, and home-y while I lived far away. I may have gotten carried away in my bedroom... but it suited Savannah.  The style of Amy Neusinger's house is reminiscent of that- an evolved, modern, industrial take & I'll take it.

I love the subtler, romantic approach to the now overdone industrial. (I still love industrial, but it. is. everywhere.) The house is humble, personal and unique. All the natural light the house gets makes it feel so fresh. Amy has nicely balanced simplicity and charm.  It feels like home & I am ready to visit.

kitchen is one of my favorites! love the contrast of the deep, stained concrete and white cabinets.

note the double troth sink and.... walk in shower. love.
I would love this creative office. A blank canvas to let your imagination reign & your inspiration speak for itself.
eclectic, sophisticated & charming. let the outside in. perfect for parties!
What do you think?

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