Ornament Lust

It's that the time of year when a lot of us are decorating our trees. Since this is only my second year having my own tree in the city, I am looking to start new traditions- mainly amp up my ornaments. Not that I don't love my tree as is, it makes me the happiest but I want to make it more personal. I'm thinking every year I get myself an ornament. Here are some contenders I absolutely love.
My 2012 Christmas tree - all gold 
1. Saks Elephant - seriously gorgeous
2. Owl Ornament  - reminds me of you Lil Hoot
3.Dove Ornament - reminder of peace in a month full of chaos
4. Etsy Elephant - you can really never have enough elephant ornaments
5. Frame Ornaments - since I am obsessed with pictures this makes sense
6. Artichoke Ornament - So random, but so pretty
7. Dog Bone Ornaments - to represent my favorite pup, minnie-girl

No matter what ornaments you have on your tree, Merry Christmas from Minnie and me!
(so lame I know, didn't mean to rhyme but have to keep it)

Christmas Card 2012

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